When To Oil And When To Balm

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To oil or to balm? It’s one of life’s truly baffling conundrums.

However, the answer is actually very simple. But before we get to that, let’s quickly cover off each product.

Beard Oil is a liquid blend of oils, vitamins and fragrance. The quality of beard oil is determined by the quality and benefits found in each of these ingredients. Cheaper blends employ a very basic blend of carrier oils and synthetic fragrances. Whereas quality formulas use a selection of high quality oils and natural extracts, selected exclusively for their nourishing and hydrating properties - as well as a blend of fragrances derived from natural essential oils. As well as providing nourishment, hydration and protection for your skin and facial hair, good quality beard oil can act as a beard deodoriser and cologne.

Beard Balm is pomade made by blending oils, butters and fragrances; again, the quality of which is determined by the properties found in the various ingredients. As well as acting as a leave in conditioner for your beard - in much the same way as beard oil does - it also doubles as a styling and shaping aid, providing extra hold and making your beard look thicker and fuller.

With both beard oil and balm, the better quality the ingredients, the less potential for skin irritation. This is most pertinent with the fragrance. You should steer away from any products containing synthetic fragrances as these can contain thousands of chemicals which act as irritants and can damage both your facial hair and skin.

To summarise:

Beard Oil: A light, liquid leave in beard and skin conditioner providing hydration, protection and fragrance.

Beard Balm: A heavier, non-liquid leave in beard and skin conditioner, providing hydration, protection, styling, hold and fragrance.

So whatever you choose to delight your beard with, choose quality products made with natural ingredients - your beard will thank you for it.


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