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If you're a bloke who regularly whips out the razor for a bit of a tidy up or a close shave, you know that a good shave cream can make all the difference. 

We've been slaving away at making sure our Shave Cream is exactly what you're after without fluffing about adding in ingredients with fancy names that don't actually do anything - although we’ve kept the ingredients which actually make a difference.

Where did we start? Well, we considered what Shave Cream needed to achieve; providing a quality shave while hydrating and nourishing the skin. Throw in natural anti-aging properties, some uniquely NZ ingredients with healing and regenerating properties and our bespoke 100% natural and sophisticated fragrance. 

THEN, we got to work. 

Heaps of emails, research, feedback, yeah's and nah’s. It's been a hell of a journey - that we won't bore you with - but like every great movie, it has an amazing ending. And this one was a goodie!

So, we present to you our *NEW* Earnest Empire Foaming Shave Cream. The shave cream that has it all...


A good experience during and after shaving - we got it.

Reduced razor burn - check.

Foaming - yes sir.

Hydrated skin - you betcha.

Youthful skin - that's the one.

Natural ingredients - heck yeah.

New tube packaging - holy hoof what a game-changer.

A smell so delectable that the ladies come in closer for a whiff - just you wait, it's quite the powerhouse.


What's that you say, “but I have sensitive skin.” Pfffssh. Our shave cream is perfect for blokes like you because we have worked so hard to eliminate factors like razor burn and nasty chemicals which cause irritation to your skin. 

Once you give the Earnest Empire Shave Cream a go, you might even realise it's not your skin that was the sensitive element, but the shave creams you were using were actually too harsh.

Let's be honest, your skin deserves it. Click here to order your Earnest Empire Foaming Shave Cream now.

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