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Are you a man who loves comfort? Who loves a close shave, minus the annoying razor burn? A man who deserves an amazing shaving experience, without the irritating chemicals that come with off the shelf shave creams? A man who appreciates the rewards of powerful natural formulations; the nourishment, deep hydration and anti-aging properties? It’s fair to say you probably are, or you would’ve stopped reading already…

Well read on my friend, because this is an article about a game-changing natural shave cream that will truly change your morning routine; Earnest Empire Shave Cream.

Artificially manufactured creations are often less expensive, due to inferior, chemical based formulations. Every ingredient in Earnest Empire Shave Cream however, is meticulously researched and selected for its specific beneficial properties. Built from the ground up, and carefully formulated to create a unique, deeply nourishing shave experience.

But what makes it truly unique? I’m glad you asked..

Non Foaming Properties:  Foam in off the shelf Shave Cream is generally caused by a chemical reaction between the product and the air, or the product and water, and in fact does nothing to eliminate razor burn. All it’s really doing is creating a chemical layer that irritates and dries your skin. Earnest Empire Shave Cream is different - engineered to provide an easy glide barrier between your razor and skin, eliminating razor burn and leaving you feeling moisturized and nourished – without those nasty ass chemicals.

All Natural Formulation: Nature isn’t just awesome, it’s luxurious. The formulation philosophy of Earnest Empire is based on every component being carefully extracted from nature, in order to create a refined powerhouse product designed to serve a very specific requirement - providing an easy glide, protective and nourishing natural shave cream.

Non-Reactive Nature: The inert nature of Earnest Empire Shave Cream is one of its greatest strengths. Your skin will be left smooth, moisturized, and smelling amazing thanks to our all natural fragrance of Citrus and Spiced Woods. No razor burn, skin irritation or dryness. Brilliant! 

Premium ingredients: 

Manuka Honey Extract: The benefits of Manuka honey can never be overstated. This is truly one of nature's wonder foods, and just one Earnest Empire Shave Cream’s amazing natural extracts sourced right here in New Zealand. This powerful extract contains a set of unique phytocompounds containing various elements attributed with anti-aging and skin conditioning. This means instead of drying your skin out, Earnest Empire Shave Cream will leave your skin feeling deeply nourished and moisturized. 

Mamaku Black Fern Extracts: Another super extract native to New Zealand; Mamaku Black Fern contains very specific anti-aging substances. Its powerful antioxidant properties support and nourish the skin. 

Wow, if you made it this far you must really give a damn about your skin. And so you should. Put simply, Earnest Empire Shave Cream is a game changer. It’s best in class for those with sensitive skin, or those just wanting to take their shaving game to the next level. Made in New Zealand, Earnest Empire Shave Cream offers a pure, naturally formulated composition, in a luxurious and reusable 250g glass jar. 

Click here to experience this amazing product. Go on, treat yo’self.

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