Q: What exactly does all natural mean?

 A: Great question. All natural (to us at least) means no nasty’s - No silicones, no parabens, no synthetic perfumes or fragrances, no petroleum by-products, and no nasty chemicals. We believe when it comes to grooming, nature has the goods and can out perform chemicals every time.


Q: Can I use Earnest Empire beard balm as a moisturiser?

A: Sure can. We receive tons of feedback from men and women using our beard balm as a general face and body moisturiser. It’s that good!


Q: What can I use as an after-shave skin conditioner?

A: Both Earnest beard oil and/or balm can be used as an after-shave skin conditioner. Both are packed full of nourishing ingredients, which will reduce razor burn and add moisture back into your skin.


Q: Are there any more Earnest Empire products in development?

A: Sure are. These are top secret at the moment but you can rest assured we are always working on the next big thing. We are a welcoming bunch and welcome any feedback on what you would like to see next – so, feel free to drop us a line at or use the contact us section on the website landing page


Q: When should I use beard oil and when should I use beard balm?

A: Great question – and the most commonly asked one! Both Earnest Empire oil and balm will provide deep nourishment for your beard and skin, however the beard balm contains a combination of natural butters, which will allow for easy styling of longer beards. It will also aid the appearance of a fuller beard. Beard oil is much lighter and may suit a shorter beard. It contains a proprietary blend of natural oils that will help eliminate the stubble itch many guys experience.


Q: Can beard wash be used as a body wash?

 A: Yes! We have received feedback from a number of blokes doing just this. Drew (thanks for your email Drew, and we hope you enjoyed your complementary beard oil) mentioned Earnest Empire is the first fragranced body wash he has ever been able to use without skin irritation. Well, happy we could help Drew and we put this down to our 100% certified natural fragrances.


Q: Are Earnest Empire products suitable for sensitive skin?

 A: Yes, although of course we do advise testing on a small patch of skin first (generic disclaimer!). Our products contain no petroleum-based products, synthetic fragrances and nasty chemicals that mean everybody’s skin loves Earnest Empire.


Q: Does Earnest Empire use petroleum-based ingredients in any of its products?

 A: Absolutely not! We go to great lengths to source the very finest natural ingredients. Many leading moustache waxes contain petroleum based ingredients, however Earnest Empire uses a vegetable lanolin which not only means you get to achieve max style without rubbing petroleum by-product into your face, but it also coats your moustache in 100% natural and protective goodness.


Keep the questions coming gents, and enjoy exploring our products.