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If you’ve been sniffing around our products for a while, you’ll know we preach skincare like it’s the best thing since a well-groomed lawn. Styling, beard wash, shave cream - we’ve got a grouse range of products to suit most needs… especially now we’ve added one more!

Introducing our BRAND NEW Earnest Empire Face Wash!

Made with kawakawa and organic aloe vera, our face wash is gentle on all skin types. If you’ve ever had an intense face wash before, you’ll know how rough they can be on your skin. None of that bollocks happens with our face wash! Dirt and grime will be whisked away while soothing your skin, leaving it feeling healthy and fresh. 

Why do I need a face wash? Great question.

However you spend your day, dirt and grime build up on our faces everywhere we go. Our face wash gives you a deeper clean and restores your skin’s defence and hydration at the same time. Much better than heading to the sink or shower for a quick rinse! To keep our healthy skin around as long as possible, it’s important to make sure we’re giving it the care it deserves with high quality products.

Now you can serve up the full face banquet, with our New Zealand natural range of men's’ skincare products. 

Let's be honest, your skin deserves it. Click here to order your Earnest Empire Face Wash now.

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