Struggling to Keep Your Beard Clean at Work?

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Do you work outside, onsite or in dusty environments?

Does your beard seem constantly dry and dirty? 

It can be hard to maintain a dapper looking beard, given your working conditions or active lifestyle. To help, we’ve thrown together some tips to help you out!

Firstly, begin the day with a beard wash; make sure you rinse well with plenty of water and towel dry. Beard oil can be used as normal to hydrate your face and beard, however make sure it’s a quick drying variety, like our Earnest Empire Beard Oil. If you are about to enter a dusty or dirty environment, avoid products which can not be easily absorbed into the skin as they will attract even more dust. A beard balm or moustache wax can also cause dust to stick to your beard more, so we only recommend using it if you absolutely have to. Leave these for your post work activities! 

If you experience irritation from dust or dirt when onsite, taking a small beard brush or comb to run through your beard - whilst on smoko - will help release some of that discomfort. Take your beard oil along with you, so you can rehydrate your skin and beard at particularly dry times of the year.

Once home, and after a well-deserved beer, whip out the Beard Wash again. This will get rid of all the gunk you’ve collected throughout the day. Follow it up with your Beard Oil for hydration and protection, and apply a good quality face moisturiser - or perhaps some Moustache Wax or Beard Balm if you’re heading out for the evening and would like a bit of styling.


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