Debunking Beard Myths

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With all the information out there on the internet, sometimes we get misinformed about what’s true and what’s not when it comes to our beards. To help set things straight, we’ve debunked some of the most common rumours.

1. All parts of your beard grow at the same rate
Wrong! Although it would make life a lot easier, typically your chin will grow faster than your cheeks - which is why it’s good to shape your beard when first growing it out.

2. Your beard finishes developing by age 20
False! Your beard will continue to change throughout your entire lifetime. So don’t worry if you have patches now, in a few years time it could be entirely different.

3. A beard will be completely grown within a month
Maybe for a minuscule percentage of kiwis, but expect your beard to take as long as 2-3 months to grow out. For some, this could be even longer.

4. Beard Hair grows thicker once shaved
Not true - your hair grows with a dull end once shaven which can sometimes give off a thicker feel, but it is not actually thicker at all.

5. Beards are itchy
Somewhat true, when you are first growing out your beard you may experience some itching and discomfort. However, the longer you stick with it and the more you look after your facial hair, the less irritable it will become.

6. Patches never grow
The longer you let your beard grow, the easier your patches will be covered to make it seem as though your beard is full. Referring back to #2 - as you age areas that may have been patchy before could change.

7. You should wash your beard twice daily
Not true! Although it is important to wash your beard, this should only be done once per day, so you don’t strip your beard of its natural oils. This can lead to issues like beard dandruff and itchiness.

8. Not all men can grow a beard
It pains us to say this, but yes, this is true. As much as we wish all men could experience the joys of facial hair, sometimes the odds are not in their favour. If this is you, we’re sorry.

9) Shaving makes your hair grow faster
This is not true, the rate your body produces hair is not impacted by how often you shave.

Are there any myths that we didn’t bust? Tell us in the comments below and we’ll see if we have the answers for you! 

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