5 Tips For Protecting Your Beard This Summer

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With the weather warming up in the Antipodean regions of the globe, blokes everywhere will no doubt be frantically asking the experts “how on earth do we protect our cherished beards, and/or moustaches, whist pursuing our various and extensive outdoor pursuits...” OK well perhaps not, but we’ve thrown together a wee list of summer time beard care tips regardless, especially for those of us who like to keep our manliest of features looking tip top during the sweltering summer months.

So, if you’re after the ultimate summer-time beard care grooming hack list, read on..


Probably the single most effective thing you can do to protect your beard from damage this summer is slip slop slap it with a hearty dose of Beard oil. This will help lock in your hairs natural moisture and oils, whilst also introducing some new ones, such as Camellia and Abyssinian oil. This will not only protect your hair from the suns drying rays, but will also indulge your skin with anti-ageing antioxidants, leaving your face feeling hydrated and smooth. A word of caution however - not all Beard Oils are made equal! You need to ensure you are selecting a blend free from synthetic ingredients and chemical additives, or you run the risk of further drying your beard out, not to mention irritating your skin leaving it itchy and flaky. Here’s a cracking little Beard Oil blend from Earnest Empire, free from any chemical and synthetics ingredients.


It goes without saying; human beings require water to operate. And you probably need to be drinking more than you think! Our bodies are comprised of roughly 60% water (give or take) and in the heat of summer we lose plenty of fluids through sweating as our bodies run slightly hotter. While there are differing opinions on exactly how much water you should be consuming, the general consensus among the experts sits at around 2 litres per day. While dehydration can lead to a whole bunch of issues such as reduced energy levels and reduced brain function, it can also lead to the drying out of your skin and hair – resulting in scratchy irritated skin, and a dull and brittle looking beard. Do the right thing and keep swigging those fluids – your body and beard will thank you for it.


We all enjoy being in the water – surfing, diving, swimming, sailing – what’s not to love! Whether it’s chlorinated or salt water, failing to rinse your beard following a dip can lead to serious issues with both the appearance and the health of your beard. Both chlorine and salt contain elements which will leach the moisture from your hair follicles, leading to split ends and a lifeless, dull appearance. The answer – Beard Wash. Not only can a good quality Beard Wash remove chlorine and salt residue, it can also introduce some key elements which can assist in re-hydrating hair follicles leading to a healthier more vibrant beard; which will of course help promote growth. Here is an amazing Beard Wash which features goodies such as Manuka Honey and Mamaku Black Fern extracts to ensure your beard is looking its very best despite you putting it through its summer paces - be it at the beach or poolside.


Think of this as conditioner for your facial hair, a good quality Beard Balm can provide deep hydration by way of a combination of butters and oils, protecting your pride and joy from the ravages of the summer sun. However, just like Beard Oil, not all Beard Balms are created equal with many coming packed full of synthetic ingredients, chemical based fragrances and inferior butters and oils. Here is a delightful little Beard Balm blend from Earnest Empire featuring a combination of Mango, Olive and Kokum Butters plus Apricot Oil and Vitamin E that will leave your beard and skin hydrated, nourished and easy to style.


And last but not least, the most obvious summer beard care hack of them all – give yourself some respite from the sun from time to time in order to re-hydrate and re-condition - go on, get some moisture back into your body and beard! Throw on a hat, grab a pew under a tree and get stuck into a mid day siesta. If this is not an option, a good quality hair sunscreen can do wonders for your beard during those prolonged summer sessions; be it out in the surf, on the golf course or simply parked up next to the BBQ with a cold one in hand. Here is one of the very best from Clarins featuring SPF 30 providing water and sweat resistant protection for your skin, hair and beard during all those summer activities. Just remember to wash it out afterwards with a good quality Beard Wash and re-hydrate with your favorite Beard Oil or Beard Balm.

Stay safe, and we'll see you at the beach!


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